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1 /** @page primerautotools OpenOCD Autotools Primer
3 This page provides an overview to OpenOCD's use of the GNU autotool suite:
4 - @ref primerautoconf
5 - @ref primerautomake
6 - @ref primerlibtool
8 Most developers do not need to concern themselves with these tools, as
9 the @ref primerbootstrap script runs these tools in the required sequence.
11 @section primerbootstrap Autotools Bootstrap
13 The @c bootstrap script should be used by developers to run the
14 autotools in the correct sequence.
16 When run after a fresh checkout, this script generates the build files
17 required to compile the project, producing the project configure script.
18 After running @c configure, the @ref primermaintainermode settings will
19 handle most situations that require running these tools again. In some
20 cases, a fresh bootstrap may be still required.
22 @subsection primerbootstrapcures Problems Solved By Bootstrap
24 For example, the build system can fail in unexpected ways after running
25 <code>git pull</code>. Here, the <code>make maintainer-clean</code>
26 should be used to remove all of the files generated by the @c bootstrap
27 script and subsequent build processes.
29 In this particular case, one may also need to remove stray files by hand
30 after running this command to ensure everything is rebuilt properly.
31 This step should be necessary only if the @c maintainer-clean was run
32 @b after altering the build system files with git. If it is run
33 @b before any updates, the build system should never leave artifacts
34 in the tree.
36 Without such precautions, changes can be introduced that leave the tree
37 timestamps in an inconsistent state, producing strange compile errors
38 that are resolve after such diligence.
40 @subsection primermaintainerclean Autotools Cleaning
42 Normally, all files generated by the bootstrap script, configure
43 process, and build system should be removed after running <code>make
44 maintainer-clean</code>. Automatically generated files that remain
45 after this should be listed in @c MAINTAINERCLEANFILES,
46 @c DISTCLEANFILES, or @c CLEANFILES, depending on which stage of the
47 build process they are produced.
49 @section primerautoconf Autoconf Configuration Script
51 The @c autoconf program generates the @c configure script from
52 @c, using serious Perl voodoo. The resulting script is
53 included in the project distribution packages and run by users to
54 configure the build process for their system.
56 @subsection primermaintainermode Maintainer Mode
58 After a fresh checkout, @c bootstrap, and a simple @c configure, you may
59 experience errors when running @c make that some files cannot be found
60 (e.g. @c version.texi), and a second @c make will "mysteriously" solve
61 the problems. The isssue is well-known and expected, if unfortunate.
63 The OpenOCD project requires that all developers building from the
64 git repository use the @c --enable-maintainer-mode option when
65 running the @c configure script. This option ensures that certain files
66 are created during the build process that would normally be packaged in
67 the distribution tarball. The @c bootstrap script will remind you of
68 this requirement when it runs.
70 In addition to solving these problems, this option enables Makefile
71 rules (provided by automake) that allow the normal @c make process to
72 rebuild the autotools outputs, included the automake-generated Makefiles
73 themselves. This avoids the heavy-handed approach of running the
74 @c bootstrap script after changing one of these files.
76 @section primerautomake Automake Makefiles
78 The @c automake program generates @c files (from @c
79 files). These files are later processed by the configure
80 script produced by @c autoconf.
82 @subsection primerautomakenewfiles Creating Files
84 This section shows how to add a @c in a new directory (or
85 one that lacks one).
86 -# The new directory must be listed in the @c SUBDIRS variable in the
87 parent directory's
88 @code
89 $ echo 'SUBDIRS += directory' >>../
90 @endcode
91 -# Create an bare-bones file in directory that needs it:
92 @code
94 @endcode
95 -# The @c script must be updated, so it generates the required
96 Makefile when the @a configure script is run by the user:
97 @verbatim
99 ...
100 path/to/new/Makefile
101 ])
102 @endverbatim
104 Note: these instructions are @b not meant to be used literally, rather
105 they are shown for demonstration purposes.
107 The default MAINTAINERCLEANFILES rule ensures that the
108 automake-generated @c file will be removed when developers
109 run <code>make maintainer-clean</code>. Additional rules may be added
110 after this; however, the project should bootstrap and tear down cleanly
111 after taking these minimal steps, with the new directory being visited
112 during the @c make sequence.
114 @subsection primerautomaketweaks Updating Files
116 Adding, removing, and renaming files from the project tree usually
117 requires updating the autotools inputs. This section will help describe
118 how to do this as questions arise.
120 @section primerlibtool Libtool and Libraries
122 The @c libtool program provides the means of generating libraries in a
123 portable and painless manner (relatively speaking).
125 This section will contain an answer to "what does libtool give OpenOCD?"
126 and "what do developers need to consider in new code?"
128 @section primerautotoolsmation Autotools Automation
130 This section outlines three ways the autotools provides automation to
131 assist with testing and distribution:
132 - @ref primerautocheck -- automatic unit and smoke tests
133 - @ref primerautodistcheck -- automatic distribution and packaging tests
135 @subsection primerautocheck make check
137 The <code>make check</code> command will run the OpenOCD test suite,
138 once it has been integrated as such. This section will contain
139 information about how to extend the testing build system components to
140 implement new checks.
142 @subsection primerautodistcheck make distcheck
144 The <code>make distcheck</code> command produces an archive of the
145 project deliverables (using <code>make dist</code>) and verifies its
146 integrity for distribution by attemptng to use the package in the same
147 manner as a user.
149 These checks includes the following steps:
150 -# Unpack the project archive into its expected directory.
151 -# Configure and build the project in a temporary out-of-tree directory.
152 -# Run <code>make check</code> to ensure the distributed code passes all tests.
153 -# Run <code>make install</code> into a temporary installation directory.
154 -# Check that <code>make uninstall</code> removes all files that were installed.
155 -# Check that <code>make distclean</code> removes all files created
156 during all other steps (except the first).
158 If all of these steps complete successfully, the @c make process will
159 output a friendly message indicating the archive is ready to be
160 distributed.
162 */
163 /** @file
165 This file contains the @ref primerautotools page.
167 */

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