doc: stellaris driver supports Tiva C too
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@@ -5495,11 +5495,10 @@ The @var{num} parameter is a value shown by @command{flash banks}.
 @end deffn
 @deffn {Flash Driver} stellaris
-All members of the Stellaris LM3Sxxx microcontroller family from
-Texas Instruments
-include internal flash and use ARM Cortex M3 cores.
-The driver automatically recognizes a number of these chips using
-the chip identification register, and autoconfigures itself.
+All members of the Stellaris LM3Sxxx, LM4x and Tiva C microcontroller
+families from Texas Instruments include internal flash. The driver
+automatically recognizes a number of these chips using the chip
+identification register, and autoconfigures itself.
 @footnote{Currently there is a @command{stellaris mass_erase} command.
 That seems pointless since the same effect can be had using the
 standard @command{flash erase_address} command.}

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SSH host keys fingerprints

1024 SHA256:YKx8b7u5ZWdcbp7/4AeXNaqElP49m6QrwfXaqQGJAOk (DSA)
384 SHA256:jHIbSQa4REvwCFG4cq5LBlBLxmxSqelQPem/EXIrxjk (ECDSA)
521 SHA256:UAOPYkU9Fjtcao0Ul/Rrlnj/OsQvt+pgdYSZ4jOYdgs (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:A13M5QlnozFOvTllybRZH6vm7iSt0XLxbA48yfc2yfY (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:spYMBqEYoAOtK7yZBrcwE8ZpYt6b68Cfh9yEVetvbXg (ED25519)
+--[ED25519 256]--+
|=..              |
|+o..   .         |
|*.o   . .        |
|+B . . .         |
|Bo. = o S        |
|Oo.+ + =         |
|oB=.* = . o      |
| =+=.+   + E     |
|. .=o   . o      |
2048 SHA256:0Onrb7/PHjpo6iVZ7xQX2riKN83FJ3KGU0TvI0TaFG4 (RSA)