flash/nor/tcl: 'flash list' command: add the flash bank target
[openocd.git] / src / flash / nor / tcl.c
2021-09-04 Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/tcl: 'flash list' command: add the flash... 26/6426/3
2021-09-04 Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/tcl: fix the flash name returned by 'flash... 25/6425/2
2021-07-24 Antonio Borneoopenocd: manually remove NULL comparisons 53/6353/3
2021-07-24 Antonio Borneoopenocd: remove NULL comparisons with checkpatch [1/2] 51/6351/3
2021-07-24 Antonio Borneoopenocd: fix simple cases of NULL comparison 50/6350/3
2021-07-20 Antonio Borneoopenocd: fix simple cases of Yoda condition 54/6354/3
2021-06-13 Jan Matyasflash/nor: improved API of flash_driver.info & fixed... 82/6182/7
2021-04-18 Antonio Borneohelper/command: pass command prefix to command registration 68/5668/3
2020-11-08 Andreas BolschFlash, FRAM and EEPROM driver for STM32 QUAD-/OCTOSPI... 21/4321/15
2020-11-07 Marc Schinktarget/image: Use proper data types 19/5919/3
2020-11-04 Antonio Borneoflash: declare local symbols as static 93/5893/3
2020-09-05 Antonio Borneoflash: use proper format with uint32_t 16/5816/2
2020-07-07 Marc Schinkflash/nor: Use proper data types in driver API 29/4929/7
2020-05-09 Antonio Borneocoding style: avoid unnecessary line continuations 19/5619/2
2020-04-21 Tomas Vanekflash/nor: add flash mdw/h/b commands 76/4776/5
2020-04-05 Edward Fewellflash/nor: Change missing protect_check message from... 39/5539/2
2020-03-17 Christopher Headflash/nor: check fill pattern fits in word size 92/5492/3
2020-02-23 Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/tcl.c: add filld command to write double... 43/5443/2
2019-09-24 Marc Schinkflash/nor/tcl: Fix usage of 'flash erase_sector' command 99/5299/2
2019-05-14 Paul Fertserflash/nor: use command_print() in command "flash banks" 83/5083/3
2019-05-14 Antonio Borneohelper/command: change prototype of command_print/comma... 81/5081/2
2019-04-07 Antonio BorneoSet empty usage field for commands that do not need... 24/5024/2
2019-04-07 Antonio Borneocommand_registration: add empty usage field to chained... 17/5017/2
2019-03-27 Christopher HeadConstify struct flash_driver instances 03/4803/3
2019-03-12 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/tcl.c: use COMMAND_PARSE_ADDRESS 77/4977/2
2019-03-08 Tim Newsomeflash/nor: use target_addr_t for flash bank base 19/4919/8
2018-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor: consolidate flash protect/protect_check 65/4765/3
2018-08-01 Bohdan Tymkivflash/nor/tcl.c: fix flash bank bounds check in 'flash... 16/4516/3
2018-07-18 Dominik Pekloflash/nor/tcl: Distinguish between sectors and blocks... 73/4573/9
2018-04-10 Tomas Vanekflash/nor: handle flash write alignment/padding in... 99/4399/3
2017-06-17 Marc Schinkflash/nor/tcl: Make read_bank parameters optional 62/3862/3
2017-06-17 Marc Schinkflash/nor/tcl: Respect flash bank boundary in write_bank 61/3861/2
2017-06-17 Marc Schinkflash/nor/tcl: Make write_bank parameter optional 60/3860/2
2017-06-17 Marc Schinkflash/nor/tcl: Respect flash bank boundary in verify_bank 59/3859/3
2017-04-24 Marc Schinkflash/nor/tcl: Make verify_bank parameter optional 58/3858/2
2017-04-24 Marc Schinkflash/nor/tcl: Fix some format specifiers 57/3857/2
2017-01-15 Tomas Vanekflash/nor: fix doc/help and range test for flash protect 17/3917/3
2016-11-04 HarishKumarTcl commands: Fix improper return status in flash comma... 31/2431/3
2016-10-30 Andreas Färberflash/nor: Add erased_value to drivers and pass it... 97/3497/8
2016-08-14 Tomas Vanekflash/nor: implement protection blocks of different... 45/3545/6
2016-08-13 Uwe Bonnesflash/nor/tcl.c: Less verbose output of flash erase_check. 01/3501/5
2016-05-24 Marc SchinkRemove FSF address from GPL notices 88/3488/3
2016-02-29 Marc Schinkhelper/fileio: Remove nested struct 22/3222/2
2015-11-03 Marc Schinkhelper/fileio: Use size_t for file size. 97/2997/2
2015-08-06 Robert Jordensflash/nor/tcl: add read_bank and verify_bank 42/2842/8
2014-09-22 Andrey Smirnovflash/nor/tcl.c: Do not double probe banks 93/2093/2
2014-06-22 Paul Fertserflash/nor/tcl.c: fix formatting in "rejected" error... 61/2161/2
2014-03-29 Paul Fertserflash/nor/tcl: fix segfault on write_image misuse 70/1970/2
2013-10-31 Paul FertserClean up many C99 integer types format specifiers 74/1674/4
2013-10-07 Spencer Oliverflash: add padded_value cmd 35/1635/2
2013-10-03 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/nor: Make info function optional 42/1642/3
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2012-08-24 Spencer Olivertcl: fix potential memory leaks
2012-02-06 Spencer Oliverbuild: cleanup src/flash/nor directory
2012-01-23 Spencer Oliverflash: print bank usage on failure
2012-01-04 Øyvind Harboeretire ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS and replace with ERROR_C...
2011-08-09 Rodrigo L. Rosafix return error msj
2011-01-03 Øyvind Harboeerror handling: the error number is not part of the...
2010-12-23 Spencer Oliverflash: print flash bank name on flash info cmd
2010-09-29 Øyvind Harboefileio: fileio_size() can now fail
2010-09-29 Øyvind Harboefileio: refactor struct fileio to be an opaque structure
2010-09-21 Øyvind Harboeflash: fix error handling
2010-06-15 Øyvind Harboeflash: -Wshadow warning fix
2010-06-14 Øyvind Harboeflash: fix bug in error propagation of flash write_image
2010-06-11 Øyvind Harboeflash: add error handling to get_flash_by_addr/name
2010-06-09 Øyvind Harboeflash: flash erase_address takes unsigned arguments
2010-05-26 Spencer Olivernor: add get_flash_bank_by_name autoprobe
2010-05-16 Jon PoveyChange kb/s to KiB/s in messages about kibibytes
2010-05-16 Antonio BorneoNOR: add read() callback to struct flash_driver
2010-05-16 Antonio BorneoNOR/TCL: fix typo in error message
2010-05-13 Spencer Oliverflash: require unique flash bank name
2010-05-13 Spencer Oliverflash: add flash bank name support
2010-05-05 Øyvind Harboeflash: stop caching protection state
2010-05-05 Øyvind Harboeflash: erase_address now has an unlock option
2010-05-05 Øyvind Harboegdb: connect will now fail if flash autoprobe fails
2010-04-10 Antonio BorneoTCL: review scope of functions
2010-03-26 Antonio BorneoNOR TCL: fix usage message
2010-03-16 Bradey Honsingerimage loading: fix problem with offsets > 0x80000000
2010-01-29 David BrownellNOR: cleanup driver decls
2010-01-14 David BrownellNOR: add optional "flash erase_address" sector padding
2010-01-11 David BrownellDoxygen file comments
2010-01-09 David Brownellsrc/flash/nor: usage/help/doc updates
2009-12-28 Freddie ChopinMinGW build fixes
2009-12-26 David BrownellNOR: messaging fix
2009-12-18 David BrownellSubject: flash fill[bwh] should use bulk i/o
2009-12-16 David BrownellNOR: bugfix "flash fill[bwh] ..." helptext
2009-12-12 Zachary T Welchfix 'write_image' usage information
2009-12-07 Zachary T Welchadd 'flash list', rewrite 'flash banks'
2009-12-07 Zachary T Welchfix NOR flash regression
2009-12-05 Zachary T Welchmove more nor flash implementation details
2009-12-04 Zachary T Welchadd flash/nor/core.[ch]
2009-12-04 Zachary T Welchadd flash/nor/{tcl.c,imp.h} from flash/flash.c

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