jtag/core: fix unused assignment
[openocd.git] / src / jtag / core.c
2021-10-25 Antonio Borneojtag/core: fix unused assignment 87/6587/2
2021-08-22 Antonio Borneojep106: use packed jedec manufacturer code 18/6418/2
2021-07-24 Antonio Borneoopenocd: fix Yoda conditions with checkpatch 55/6355/3
2021-07-24 Antonio Borneoopenocd: manually remove NULL comparisons 53/6353/3
2021-07-24 Antonio Borneoopenocd: remove NULL comparisons with checkpatch [1/2] 51/6351/3
2021-07-24 Antonio Borneoopenocd: fix simple cases of NULL comparison 50/6350/3
2021-07-20 Antonio Borneoopenocd: fix simple cases of Yoda condition 54/6354/3
2021-06-04 R. DiezAvoid non-standard conditionals with omitted operands. 71/6271/3
2021-05-22 Antonio Borneojtag: fix some minor typo 16/6216/2
2021-05-08 Daniel AnselmiAdd IPDBG JtagHost functionality to OpenOCD 38/5938/10
2021-05-01 Tim NewsomeCleanup of config/includes. 71/6171/10
2021-03-19 Antonio Borneojtag: remove minidriver code and minidriver-dummy 91/6091/4
2020-11-07 Antonio Borneobuild: fix build with --enable-minidriver-dummy 11/5911/2
2020-11-04 Antonio Borneojtag: declare local symbols as static 96/5896/2
2020-09-05 Antonio Borneojtag: use proper format with uint32_t 15/5815/2
2020-09-05 Samuel ObuchFix debug prints when loading to flash 00/5800/4
2020-05-24 Antonio Borneoswim: add new transport 30/5530/6
2020-05-09 Antonio Borneocoding style: join consecutive string fragments 25/5625/3
2020-05-09 Antonio Borneocoding style: prototype of functions with no parameters 21/5621/2
2020-05-09 Antonio Borneocoding style: add parenthesis around the argument of... 18/5618/2
2020-04-12 Antonio Borneojtag: flush queue after reset for drivers using old... 30/5430/2
2020-03-24 Antonio Borneojtag: fix command "adapter [de]assert" with dap direct 15/5515/2
2020-03-07 Tomas Vanekhelper/binarybuffer: fix clang static analyzer warnings 83/5383/3
2020-02-08 Antonio Borneojtag: flush jtag queue after jtag_add_tlr() 05/5405/2
2020-01-29 Antonio Borneoopenocd: fix minor inconsistencies after renaming ... 82/5282/3
2020-01-14 Antonio Borneoadi_v5_dapdirect: add support for adapter drivers that... 03/4903/8
2020-01-14 Antonio Borneoadapter: switch from struct jtag_interface to adapter_d... 00/4900/8
2020-01-14 Antonio Borneojtag: print an errmsg on using jtag API for non jtag... 97/4897/8
2020-01-14 Antonio Borneohla: use the new system_reset API 96/4896/7
2020-01-14 Antonio Borneoswd: get rid of jtag queue to assert/deassert srst 95/4895/7
2020-01-02 Antonio Borneoadapter: add command "adapter [de]assert srst|trst... 77/5277/5
2019-12-21 Marc Schinktarget/armv7m_trace: Improve SWO frequency auto-detection 03/3903/5
2019-10-15 Tim NewsomeAdd complete JTAG debug logging. 51/4451/7
2019-06-06 Antonio Borneojtag: set default "jtag_only" to uninitialized transports 93/4893/3
2019-06-06 Antonio Borneojtag: simplify management of non-implemented handlers 92/4892/3
2019-04-10 Mete Balcifix for sanitizer errors in left shifts 05/5005/4
2018-07-19 Marc Schinktarget/armv7m_trace: Fix typo in enum 04/3904/3
2018-04-10 Matthias Welwarskyarmv8: valgrind memleak fixes 78/4478/5
2018-03-30 Tomas Vanekjtag/core, target: unregister JTAG events 74/4474/2
2018-03-30 Matthias Welwarskytarget: restructure dap support 68/4468/25
2018-03-15 Tomas Vanekjtag/core: free all taps and daps in adapter_quit() 11/4411/2
2017-01-15 Paul Fertserjtag: core: report TRST and SRST as asserted only when... 43/3943/3
2016-05-24 Marc SchinkRemove FSF address from GPL notices 88/3488/3
2016-01-22 Andreas Fritiofsonhelper: Add converter from JEP106 ID to manufacturer... 77/3177/3
2015-04-14 Paul Fertserjtag/core: honour SRST timings in SWD mode 91/2591/2
2015-03-25 Paul Fertserdrivers/cmsis-dap: port to common SWD framework 56/2356/9
2015-03-25 Paul Fertserarmv7m_trace, stlink: provide APIs to capture trace... 40/2540/13
2015-01-28 Andreas Fritiofsonjtag: Rewrite TAP verification/auto-probe logic 36/2236/3
2015-01-15 Evan Hunterjtag: Avoid extra SRSTn resets when connecting 98/2398/2
2015-01-07 Andreas Fritiofsonjtag: Remove unnecessary global variable 35/2235/2
2015-01-07 Andreas Fritiofsonjtag: Fix memory leaks in jtag_tap_free() 34/2234/2
2014-06-28 Andreas FritiofsonRelax polling check if not in JTAG mode 43/2143/3
2014-01-09 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: add initial cmsis-dap support 42/1542/19
2013-10-31 Andreas FritiofsonClean up const usage to avoid excessive casting 68/1668/3
2013-07-01 Andreas FritiofsonAllow autoscan up to 64 bit IR lengths 32/832/6
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2013-02-08 Franck Jullienjtag_interface: .speed can be NULL when not needed 31/1131/5
2012-12-10 Spencer Oliverjtag: enable connect under reset 71/971/4
2012-07-11 Spencer Oliverjtag: remove redundant id check
2012-06-26 Mathias KFix idcode end of chain flag.
2012-05-25 Spencer Oliverjtag: fix incorrect LOG_DEBUG abs_chain_position
2012-04-10 Simon Qiantopic: add reset functions for SWD
2012-02-26 Spencer Oliverjtag: use correct tap -ignore-version mask
2012-02-06 Spencer Oliverdoxygen: use correct comment syntax
2012-02-06 Spencer Oliverbuild: cleanup src/jtag directory
2012-01-04 Øyvind Harboeretire ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS and replace with ERROR_C...
2011-12-23 Øyvind Harboejtag: only if an in_value storage is provided will...
2011-12-20 Øyvind Harboejtag: make caller always allocate buffer
2011-12-20 Øyvind Harboejtag: retire jtag_alloc_in_value32
2011-10-22 Øyvind Harboewarning: fix false positive
2011-06-13 Øyvind Harboetransport: move files over to transport folder
2011-06-07 Øyvind HarboeSilence -O3 warning
2011-04-30 Jonas Hörbergadapter speed: require init script setting and centrali...
2011-04-19 Øyvind Harboejtag: clarify jtag->init() and jtag->quit() definitions
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboejtag: clean up jtag_sleep, handle short sleeps correctl...
2011-01-14 Santeri Salkostr9xpec: Find flash controller from the chain.
2011-01-03 Øyvind Harboeerror handling: the error number is not part of the...
2010-12-25 David Brownellinitial SWD transport (SWD infrastructure #2)
2010-12-10 Paul RichardsFix for segmentation fault from freed memory access...
2010-12-08 Øyvind Harboejtag: getting the JTAG speed can fail
2010-09-08 Alexander SteinRemove duplicated initialization
2010-09-07 Øyvind Harboewarning: fix silly -O3 warning
2010-09-03 Øyvind Harboejtag: fix regression with dummy driver and when startin...
2010-08-02 Øyvind Harboejtag: add jtag_flush_queue_sleep debug command
2010-07-12 Spencer Oliverjtag: fix shadow issues in adapter_init
2010-07-09 Spencer Olivertransport: fix bug/typo in transport_register cmd
2010-07-02 David Brownellinitial "transport" framework
2010-06-21 Øyvind Harboejtag: retire jtag_get_error()
2010-03-19 Øyvind Harboejtag: retire jtag_get/set_end_state()
2010-03-18 Øyvind Harboejtag: cut down on usage of unintended modification...
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_nsrst_assert_width as adapter_nsrst_assert_...
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_nsrst_delay as adapter_nsrst_delay
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_khz as adapter_khz
2010-03-14 David Brownellrename jtag_interface_{init,quit}()
2010-03-08 Øyvind Harboejtag: simplify jtag_add_plain_ir/dr_scan
2010-03-08 Øyvind Harboejtag: jtag_add_ir_scan() now takes a single field
2010-03-08 Øyvind Harboejtag: retire tap field
2010-03-01 Øyvind Harboejtag: the post TAP state is now passed to the drivers
2010-02-27 David Brownellinterface: define TMS sequence command
2010-02-03 Spencer OliverJTAG: fix bug when no interface connected

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