watchpoint_add() cleanup
[openocd.git] / src / target / cortex_m3.c
2009-11-05 David Brownellwatchpoint_add() cleanup
2009-11-05 David BrownellCortex-M3: expose most DWT registers
2009-11-05 David BrownellCortex-M3: minor cleanup
2009-11-05 David BrownellCortex-M3: DWT cleanup/fixes
2009-11-05 Øyvind Harboetarget: add target->type->has_mmu fn.
2009-11-05 Øyvind Harboetarget: remove unused interface fn that clutters code
2009-11-05 Øyvind Harboedebug interface: get rid of unused pre_debug fn
2009-10-28 David BrownellCortex-M3: remove exports and forward decls
2009-09-01 ntfreak- fix a regression when using cortex_m3 emulated dcc...
2009-08-25 oharboeDavid Brownell <> Tweak disassembly...
2009-08-19 oharboeDavid Brownell <> Clean up some...
2009-08-18 oharboeDavid Brownell <> Add "cortex_m3...
2009-07-21 ntfreakDavid Brownell <>:
2009-07-21 ntfreakDavid Brownell <>:
2009-07-16 zwelchMagnus Lundin <>, Oyvind Harboe ...
2009-07-15 zwelchDavid Brownell <>:
2009-07-12 oharboeMagnus Lundin Thc cortex_m3_poll function does not...
2009-06-28 duaneRefactor code, create target_state_name()
2009-06-27 duaneAdd Breakpoint/Watchpoint unique ID to help debug hardw...
2009-06-23 zwelchRemove whitespace that occurs before ')'.
2009-06-23 zwelchRemove whitespace that occurs after '('.
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '[|]' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '<<' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '!=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Replace 'while(' with 'while ('.
2009-06-23 zwelch- Replace 'if(' with 'if ('.
2009-06-21 duaneC99 printf() -Werror fixes
2009-06-18 zwelchTransform 'u32' to 'uint32_t' in src/target
2009-06-18 zwelchTransform 'u16' to 'uint16_t'
2009-06-18 zwelchTransform 'u8' to 'uint8_t' in src/target
2009-06-09 zwelchEncapsulate jtag_reset_config using accessors:
2009-06-09 zwelchEncapsulate the jtag_trst and jtag_srst variables:
2009-06-04 ntfreak- add support for different TAR autotincrement sizes...
2009-06-02 ntfreak- change signature for adi_jtag_dp_scan and adi_jtag_dp...
2009-06-01 zwelchDavid Brownell <>:
2009-05-31 zwelchFinal step in isolating target_type_s structure:
2009-05-31 zwelchFirst step in hiding target_type_s from public interface:
2009-05-31 zwelchAdd wrappers for target->type->examined:
2009-05-31 zwelchAdd target_write_memory wrapper:
2009-05-31 zwelchAdd target_read_memory wrapper:
2009-05-11 zwelchAudit and eliminate redundant #include directives in...
2009-04-27 mluChanged armv7m and cortexm3 to use nev arm_adi_v5 inste...
2009-04-19 oharboeZach Welch <> fix -Werror warnings
2009-03-16 ntfreak- fix issue with cortex_m3 reset run. Thanks Perry...
2008-12-13 ntfreak- remove target specific variant and use target->varian...
2008-12-12 ntfreak- check cortex_m3 FPB is enabled when setting hardware...
2008-11-30 duanejtag newtap change & huge manual update
2008-11-21 ntfreak- add new cortex_m3 maskisr cmd
2008-11-20 ntfreak- preserve cortex_m3 C_MASKINTS during resume/step
2008-11-14 ntfreak- stops multiple calls to examine from allocating the...
2008-11-02 oharboeRick Altherr <> - In cortex_m3_resume...
2008-10-15 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - memory read/write and exit() error...
2008-09-27 ntfreak- convert spaces to tabs in at91sam7.[ch]
2008-09-26 oharboe I do not know why this is necessary, but it fixes...
2008-09-20 ntfreak- added myself to copyright on files i remember adding...
2008-09-01 oharboeDuane Ellis: "target as an [tcl] object" feature.
2008-08-24 oharboeduan ellis target tcl work in progress
2008-08-19 oharboeswitch to alive_sleep() to avoid gdb timeouts
2008-08-05 oharboeDuane Ellis: fix warnings
2008-08-05 oharboedefine resetting the target into the halted or running
2008-08-05 oharboemoves handling of problems with resetting into the...
2008-07-21 oharboe- jtag_khz/speed are now single parameter only. These...
2008-06-16 ntfreak- removed duplicate cortex_m3_register_commands
2008-05-27 ntfreak- moved flash erase_check target code to target.c
2008-04-30 oharboenow compiles again.
2008-04-30 ntfreak- added new device to luminary flash driver
2008-04-29 ntfreak- updated cortex_m3 docs regarding luminary reset behaviour
2008-04-28 ntfreak- add cortex_m3 variant luminary to fix reset issue...
2008-04-26 ntfreak- added ARMV7_GDB_HACKS define to armv7m.h, enabling...
2008-04-17 oharboeEdwin Olsen: improves breakpoint handling on cortex...
2008-04-16 oharboefix SEGFAULT regression in cortex after TRST fixes
2008-04-14 oharboeTRST is asserted *before* target->type->assert_reset...
2008-04-13 oharboeallows launching OpenOCD w/telnet+gdb server w/the
2008-04-10 ntfreak- single core context used, removed debug context as...
2008-04-04 oharboe- reverted some of the changes that possibly broke...
2008-04-03 oharboe- Work on fixing erase check. Many implementations...
2008-03-26 oharboeTAP_SD/SI are now forbidden end states.
2008-03-25 ntfreak- rename log functions to stop conflicts under win32...
2008-03-22 ntfreak- changed jtag_add_reset errors to warnings
2008-03-21 ntfreak- armv7m control register now set as dirty when switchi...
2008-03-11 ntfreak- 16 and 32 bit unaligned accesses supported
2008-03-07 oharboe- Improves error handling upon GDB connect
2008-03-03 oharboeI fixed all the targets even though
2008-03-02 oharboeUwe Hermann tightned up comments, etc. to follow OpenOC...
2008-02-29 ntfreak- fix bug with emulated cortex_m3 dcc channel
2008-02-29 oharboeUwe Hermann:
2008-02-24 oharboe- fixed target->type->poll() return value
2008-02-06 mifi- added patch to solve problem with AT91SAM9260 (dirty...
2008-01-17 ntfreak- add support for cortex_m3 target_request debugmsgs
2007-11-21 ntfreak- reset_run now works as expected on cortex-m3
2007-10-22 ntfreak- add verify_image command
2007-09-10 mlu- Fixed display of sector sizes in flash.c
2007-08-10 drath- renamed M5960 USB JTAG to "flyswatter"
2007-07-26 ntfreak- corrected stm32x_handle_options_write_command, incorr...
2007-06-24 ntfreak- ST STM32x cortex support added
2007-06-14 drath- merged support for Cortex-M3 from cortex-m3 branch...

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