2008-09-01 oharboeretired, nothing came of it.
2008-08-28 oharboedocumented change in target command w/removed options
2008-08-27 oharboecomment about slow RTCK
2008-08-26 oharboeooops... fixed commit gaffe in previous commit.
2008-08-26 oharboeadded 1000ms timeout
2008-08-26 oharboedo not check checksums in noack case
2008-08-25 oharboeRCLK is not supported, return error instead of crashing.
2008-08-25 oharboeSTR912 uses RCLK if available
2008-08-25 oharboefixed bug in arm11 examine code.
2008-08-25 oharboefixed gaffe in last release w/target number.
2008-08-25 oharboesync with Jim Tcl repository.
2008-08-24 oharboeduane ellis - errno ansi fix
2008-08-24 oharboeduan ellis target tcl work in progress
2008-08-24 oharboeDaniel Gimpelevich <daniel@gimpelevich.san-francisco...
2008-08-23 ntfreak- clear any existing breakpoints/watchpoints when resta...
2008-08-22 ntfreak- add support for new gdb QStartNoAckMode, which disabl...
2008-08-22 ntfreak- fix win32 build issues from previous jim patch
2008-08-22 drath- fix a off-by-one error in the buffer read/write code...
2008-08-20 oharboeadded gdb timeout handling + error propagation
2008-08-20 oharboelm3s3748 config file
2008-08-20 oharboelm3s3748 config file
2008-08-20 oharboecontinue execution even if chain can't be validated...
2008-08-20 oharboesharpen error propagation a wee bit.
2008-08-20 ntfreak- added missing parport configs to texi
2008-08-20 oharboeDaniel Gimpelevich fix reset halt on feroceon
2008-08-20 oharboefix BUG: keep_alive() error messages
2008-08-20 oharboeduane ellis: fix warning
2008-08-19 ntfreak- added svn props for newly added files
2008-08-19 oharboefixed warning
2008-08-19 oharboeswitch to alive_sleep() to avoid gdb timeouts
2008-08-19 oharboemake target_wait_state() usable from other places,...
2008-08-19 oharboebetter polling debug_level 3 handling
2008-08-19 oharboesearch and replace usleep(1000) with alive_sleep(1...
2008-08-19 oharboeDANGER: committed work-in-progress to handle examinatio...
2008-08-19 oharboeadded some alive_sleep()'s
2008-08-19 oharboeuse alive_sleep() from sleep command
2008-08-19 oharboeadded alive_sleep() function to let GDB alive packets...
2008-08-19 oharboetinker with Xscale performance, anti-log spamming is...
2008-08-19 oharboeduane ellis: (A) a new concept called "Name Value Pair...
2008-08-19 oharboetinker with Xscale performance. Poll a bit more before...
2008-08-19 oharboefix comment w.r.t. start address for RAM
2008-08-19 oharboefixed error handling in flash bank.
2008-08-19 oharboeremoved a couple of exit()'s from error handling.
2008-08-19 oharboeadded wip imx31.cfg file
2008-08-19 oharboeDaniel Gimpelevich <daniel@gimpelevich.san-francisco...
2008-08-18 oharboeJohannes Stezenbach <> fix warnings
2008-08-18 oharboemore error propagation
2008-08-18 oharboeadded error handling to avoid false error messages.
2008-08-18 oharboeopenocd.texi is the authoratitive source for documentat...
2008-08-17 oharboefixed not halted error messages
2008-08-17 oharboedeleted superfluous sam7s256 which was identical to...
2008-08-17 oharboeRichard <> fixed bug in padding...
2008-08-15 oharboeremoved obsolete command.
2008-08-14 oharboeferoceon updated w.r.t. latest arm7/9 changes
2008-08-14 oharboearm7/9 breakpoint cleanup. arm7_9 sw/hw commands retire...
2008-08-14 oharboetypo spotted by spen. gdb_breakpoint_override not teste...
2008-08-14 oharboedocumentation wip for upcoming patch.
2008-08-13 oharboeremoved old comment
2008-08-13 oharboeforce lpc2148 target into ARM state.
2008-08-13 oharboegdb_breakpoint_override comments
2008-08-13 oharboeadded global gdb breakpoint override configuration...
2008-08-13 oharboecomments.
2008-08-13 oharboeClear all dangling breakpoints upon GDB connection.
2008-08-13 oharboefix warning.
2008-08-13 oharboereturn halted signal if step/continue fails
2008-08-13 oharboeavoid empty lines in log as a keep_alive() sideffect
2008-08-11 oharboefix output from jtag_khz when only jtag_speed has been...
2008-08-11 oharboeupdated syntax for post_reset scripts
2008-08-11 oharboepropagate error code in case of "reset" failing.
2008-08-11 oharboefix error output a bit: do not repeat output printed...
2008-08-11 oharboefix error message
2008-08-11 oharboeplace event loop inside #ifdef JIM_EMBEDDED.
2008-08-08 ntfreak- fix build issues under win32 (mingw)
2008-08-08 oharboeMichael Schwingen <> ...
2008-08-08 oharboedefault reset in help text - run
2008-08-07 ntfreak- added svn props for newly added files
2008-08-07 oharboeDavid Kuehling <> - added jim-eventloop.c
2008-08-07 oharboelpc2148 2MHz, RCLK and clockless config script versions
2008-08-07 ntfreak- correct BUILD_ECOSBOARD definition is server.c
2008-08-06 ntfreak- remove Jim_InitEmbedded warning
2008-08-06 ntfreak- added svn props for previously added file
2008-08-06 ntfreak- fix target_examine declaration
2008-08-05 oharboeGDB monitor commands now also get halted state upon...
2008-08-05 oharboegaffe in previous commit fixed. "reset run" now works...
2008-08-05 oharboeDuane Ellis: fix warnings
2008-08-05 oharboehalting srst_pulls_trst targets is now snappier and...
2008-08-05 oharboedefine resetting the target into the halted or running
2008-08-05 oharboemoves handling of problems with resetting into the...
2008-08-04 oharboeTAP_TLR won't work in a pathmove sequence. OpenOCD...
2008-08-01 oharboeThe reset routine now works w/LPC2148 out of the box.
2008-07-31 oharboewait up to 1 second for halted state upon reset init...
2008-07-31 oharboewip - committing to reduce patch size.
2008-07-30 oharboewarning output upon connection problems.
2008-07-29 oharboemore jtag_examine() checks. catch errors during first...
2008-07-28 ntfreak- added run_and_halt_time to deprecated/removed functio...
2008-07-28 oharboeallow minidrivers to implement inner loop of dcc memory...
2008-07-28 oharboefixed gaffe mea culpa
2008-07-28 oharboeretired reset run_and_init/halt
2008-07-27 oharboeworking notes.
2008-07-26 oharboeadd check for target_read/write_buffer 32 bit wrap.

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