2009-10-12 WookeyXilinx xcr3256.cfg basic config script
2009-10-12 Øyvind HarboeRetire arm11 no_increment. Intended for future expansio...
2009-10-12 Øyvind HarboePropagate wDTR/rDTR failure immediately, otherwise...
2009-10-12 Øyvind HarboeFix warning and improve error message upon burst transf...
2009-10-12 Øyvind Harboeburst writes work fine. clean up junk.
2009-10-12 Øyvind HarboeFix bogus 'transfer errors' with arm11 'memwrite burst...
2009-10-12 David Brownellsimplify XScale debug handler installation
2009-10-12 David Brownellmore xscale cleanup (mostly removing JTAG hooks)
2009-10-12 Øyvind HarboeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-10-12 Øyvind HarboeIf halt times out, stop GDB. Allows e.g. manual reset...
2009-10-12 Øyvind HarboeSupply default reset_config statement to make target...
2009-10-11 David Brownellxscale_load_ic cleanup
2009-10-11 David Brownellxscale.c cleanup
2009-10-11 David Brownellxscale bugfix to handler loading
2009-10-11 David Brownellxscale minor cleanup
2009-10-10 David Brownellprintf format warning fixes
2009-10-10 WookeyFix reset delays and tinker with ID's
2009-10-09 David Brownelltweak new "translating ..." text
2009-10-09 David Brownelladd documentation about reset customization
2009-10-09 Øyvind HarboeStop debug session if halt fails
2009-10-09 Øyvind HarboeARM11 error checking
2009-10-09 Øyvind HarboeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-10-09 Øyvind HarboeAdded tip in documentation on how to translate quirky...
2009-10-09 David Brownellmake PXA255 targets enumerate sort-of-OK
2009-10-09 David Brownelladd overridable Tcl "init_reset"
2009-10-09 David Brownellminor JTAG init messaging tweaks
2009-10-09 Rabeeh KhouryFunction to flash SheevaPlug u-boot sectors
2009-10-08 David Brownellinitial builds of OSK5912 boards need srst_pulls_trst
2009-10-08 David Brownellprevent abort via polling during jtag_reset
2009-10-08 David BrownellStop ignoring most scan chain validation errors
2009-10-08 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-08 Øyvind HarboeTesting committing changes to .gitignore to ignore...
2009-10-08 Øyvind HarboeAdd .project to .gitignore
2009-10-08 Øyvind HarboeStop GDB when polling fails, srst assert or powerdropou...
2009-10-08 Øyvind HarboeUpdate copyright statements. Make it easier to sync...
2009-10-08 David Brownellmake OMAP5912 resets more reliable
2009-10-08 John RigbyiMX25 target support
2009-10-08 David BrownellHouston, we have Mirror!
2009-10-08 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-08 dbrownellChange most in-tree references from SVN to GIT.
2009-10-07 dbrownellForce sane SRST and TRST initialization
2009-10-07 dbrownellBetter fix for TAPs violating the JTAG spec for IR...
2009-10-07 dbrownellRemove much #ifdeffery around _DEBUG_JTAG_IO_ usage.
2009-10-07 dbrownellbuildfix
2009-10-07 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-07 dbrownellRemove pointless "target library" chapter.
2009-10-07 dbrownellNote bug in handling of variables through command line...
2009-10-07 dbrownellUpdates for "reset_config":
2009-10-07 oharboefirst stab at imx35 reset init script
2009-10-07 oharboeremove recrusive reset invocation from reset init callback
2009-10-07 oharboeadd timeouts and fix syntax error handling of mrc/mcr...
2009-10-07 oharboeadd timeouts and fix syntax error handling of mrc/mcr...
2009-10-07 oharboeincrease pause before reboot so web interface remains...
2009-10-07 oharboeDo not check ir capture if there is no IDCODE
2009-10-07 oharboe1.55 snapshot
2009-10-07 dbrownellChange version labels to work better with GIT
2009-10-06 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-06 dbrownellAdd basic support for DM6446 EVM board.
2009-10-06 dbrownellDragonite has the same EICE affliction as feroceon.
2009-10-06 dbrownellDragonite target script
2009-10-06 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-06 oharboeIntroduced jtag_init and "jtag arp_init" to allow targe...
2009-10-06 oharboestop using targetnum
2009-10-06 dbrownellTake "patches" out of .gitignore ... Win32 is case...
2009-10-05 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-05 dbrownellAdd initial ".gitignore".
2009-10-05 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-05 dbrownellImprove jtag_validate_ircapture() diagnostics.
2009-10-05 dbrownellAdd a new JTAG "setup" event; use for better DaVinci...
2009-10-05 dbrownellMinor cleanup to ARM926 debug entry:
2009-10-05 dbrownellUpdate the NEWS file to cover more of the user-visible...
2009-10-05 dbrownellGet rid of needless OMAP and Davinci target config...
2009-10-02 mluUpdated reset event handling in omap3530 cfg
2009-10-02 mluIt is not possible to invalidate I-Cache on memory...
2009-10-02 mluMake sure that DSCR_DTR_RX is not full before writing
2009-10-02 mluMore error reporting in Cortex_a8 execute_opcode
2009-10-02 mluAdded asser_reset and deassert_reset for cortex_a8
2009-10-02 mluAdded asser_reset and deassert_reset for cortex_a8
2009-10-02 dbrownellMinor ETB and ETM bugfixes and doc updates
2009-10-01 mluARMv7A: Report fault status registers when in Abort...
2009-09-30 zwelchUpdate release process documentation.
2009-09-30 zwelchImprove release script version tag management commands.
2009-09-30 zwelchAdd numeric version tag support to release script.
2009-09-30 zwelchImprove release script version handling commands.
2009-09-30 zwelchAdd workaround to release script to update source code...
2009-09-30 zwelchDocument and automate signature creation for the releas...
2009-09-30 zwelchFix release script bugs after experience from 0.2.0:
2009-09-30 dbrownellRemove annoying EOL whitespace (again, sigh).
2009-09-30 mluAdd DSCR_DTR_RX_FULL bit define
2009-09-30 oharboestrip gdb config options
2009-09-30 oharboemichal smulski <> reset now...
2009-09-29 dbrownellStreamline Capture-IR validation code
2009-09-29 dbrownellARM11 command handling fixes
2009-09-29 dbrownellMake "-expected-id 0" suppress warnings; not unlike...
2009-09-29 dbrownellDoc updates: add section on target software changes...
2009-09-29 dbrownellETM: fix build issue on MinGW.
2009-09-29 dbrownellETB: cleanup needless symbol exports and forward decls.
2009-09-29 oharboehandle single threading
2009-09-29 oharboereentry assert
2009-09-29 oharboehttpd smoketest info

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