2008-03-01 mifi- added sam7s256 test example, and test result
2008-03-01 oharboeNow uses jtag_add_shift() via embeddedice_write_reg_inn...
2008-03-01 mifi- added lpc2294 test example, and test result
2008-03-01 oharboelog_remove_callback
2008-03-01 mifi- added lpc2148 test example, and test result
2008-03-01 mifi- added str912 test example, and test result
2008-03-01 oharboewip. fixed gaffe in jtag_add_shift()
2008-03-01 mifi- added test result for str710, and test description
2008-03-01 ntfreak- added svn prop eol-style native
2008-03-01 mifi- added STR710 example which I used for Eclipse debug...
2008-03-01 oharboeerror handling fix.
2008-02-29 oharboeadded an #error in case anybody tries to compile that...
2008-02-29 oharboefixed stack corruption. Introduced when _check_value...
2008-02-29 ntfreak- fix bug with emulated cortex_m3 dcc channel
2008-02-29 ntfreak- update openocd.texi to fdl 1.2
2008-02-29 oharboeTweaked logging output.
2008-02-29 oharboeUwe Hermann: Add a --version switch for openocd.
2008-02-29 oharboePavel Chromy fix: the scripts to retrieve...
2008-02-29 oharboeUwe Hermann: Updated version which applies cleanly...
2008-02-29 oharboeUwe Hermann:
2008-02-29 oharboePavel Chromy: add missing newlines.
2008-02-29 oharboeUwe Hermann: mproves the manpage text a bit and adds the
2008-02-29 oharboelingering patch from Pavel Chromy.
2008-02-29 oharboeformatting fixes from Pavel Chromy
2008-02-29 oharboeremove warnings.
2008-02-29 oharboe- image.c and fileio.c now uses logging to propagate...
2008-02-29 oharboe- clean up target output strings a bit
2008-02-29 oharboedo not write single chars to log file.
2008-02-29 oharboePavel Chromy: clarify error messages
2008-02-29 oharboeSummary: passing of variable argument list reduced...
2008-02-29 oharboeMichael Bruck:
2008-02-29 oharboeMichael Bruck:
2008-02-28 oharboechanged to eCos license.
2008-02-28 oharboefixed newline gaffe in OUTPUT()
2008-02-28 oharboePavel Chromy spotted duplicated newlines gaffe from...
2008-02-28 oharboePavel Chromy spotted a leak
2008-02-28 oharboeUwe Hermann: Simplify the manpage by removing lots...
2008-02-28 oharboenumerous fixes from Uwe Hermann
2008-02-28 oharboesmall line ending cleanup.
2008-02-28 oharboePavel Chromy - cleanup error messages
2008-02-28 oharboefix gaffe.
2008-02-28 oharboePavel Chromy cleaned up checks for halted, error messag...
2008-02-28 ntfreak- svn file props set to LF endings
2008-02-28 oharboefix from Pavel Chromy
2008-02-28 ntfreak- added svn props
2008-02-28 oharboecode to be used in upcoming minidriver work.
2008-02-28 oharboeadded some code that will be used in upcoming minidrive...
2008-02-28 oharboefix copyright.
2008-02-28 oharboejtag_add_shift() fn - minidriver work in progress.
2008-02-28 oharboelingering change for eCos flash driver
2008-02-28 oharboeeCos flash driver.
2008-02-28 oharboe- Added TARGET_REQ_DEBUGCHAR target_request debugmsg...
2008-02-28 ntfreak- fix line-endings
2008-02-28 drath- fix line-endings
2008-02-28 oharboeUwe Hermann Add @dircategory and @direntry to the info...
2008-02-28 oharboeUwe Hermann fixed some warnings.
2008-02-27 ntfreak- correct line endings from previous commit
2008-02-27 drath- fix typo in ep93xx jtag driver to allow OpenOCD compi...
2008-02-27 drath- fix bug in ft2232 pathmove (thanks to Michael Bruck...
2008-02-27 oharboeNicolas Pitre listed some more devices.
2008-02-26 ntfreak- fix issue when target is already halted
2008-02-26 ntfreak- code reformat (Thanks Pavel Chromy)
2008-02-26 oharboefix naming conflict under Windows.
2008-02-26 oharboeoopss.. another jtag minidriver reset gaffe.
2008-02-26 oharboejtag_add_reset() minidriver gaffe fixed.
2008-02-26 oharboeNext step in the JTAG minidriver. This should be fairly...
2008-02-26 oharboe- jtag minidriver work in progress
2008-02-25 ntfreak- remove build warnings
2008-02-25 drath- convert all files to unix line-ending
2008-02-25 oharboePavel Chromy
2008-02-25 oharboeformatting.
2008-02-25 oharboePavel Chromy style fixes.
2008-02-25 oharboeFix from Pavel Chromy.
2008-02-25 oharboe- Fix target library path problem w/Windows
2008-02-25 oharboeFrom Michael Bruck
2008-02-25 oharboecommitted bugfix from Michael Bruck
2008-02-25 oharboedos2unix fix.
2008-02-25 oharboe- using ERROR_COMMAND_SYNTAX_ERROR to print syntax...
2008-02-25 oharboe- "flash write_binary" is now "flash write_bank" to...
2008-02-25 oharboeMichael Bruck spotted an omission in svn 322
2008-02-24 oharboe- added "xscale fast_memory_access" which speeds up...
2008-02-24 oharboemove options handling to separate file to better suppor...
2008-02-24 oharboe- added -c option that will execute an openocd command
2008-02-24 oharboe- fixed target->type->poll() return value
2008-02-24 oharboedisable cfi_write_words(). Broken for spansion, fallback
2008-02-24 oharboedebug_level 3 now prints seconds since start of openocd
2008-02-24 drath- concretize JTAG state transition rules (previously...
2008-02-24 oharboesharpend JTAG docs w.r.t. hw fifo implementations and...
2008-02-24 oharboeadded svn:ignore for files generated by bootstrap ...
2008-02-24 oharboecosmetic fixes to debug output + phasing out printf...
2008-02-24 drath- fixes possible crash when GDB connection is closed...
2008-02-23 drath- fix for feroceon CP15 register access (thanks to...
2008-02-23 drath- Use NAND extended geometry information (thanks to...
2008-02-23 mifi- added a test document as a starting point
2008-02-23 oharboe- added time command
2008-02-22 mifi- added patch to remove count and time information...
2008-02-22 mifi- cosmetic changes to print out version without line...
2008-02-22 vpalatin- fix read/write size for small unaligned accesses...
2008-02-22 mifi- added patch to solve problem with AT91SAM7SE MCU...
2008-02-22 mifi- added patch to make single-stepping more resilient

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