2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchavrf_flash_bank_t -> struct avrf_flash_bank
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchavrf_type_t -> struct avrf_type
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchat91sam7_flash_bank_t -> struct at91sam7_flash_bank
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchjtag_command_t -> struct jtag_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchjtag_command_container_t -> union jtag_command_container
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchsleep_command_t -> struct sleep_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchend_state_command_t -> struct end_state_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchreset_command_t -> struct reset_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchstableclocks_command_t -> struct stableclocks_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchruntest_command_t -> struct runtest_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchpathmove_command_t -> struct pathmove_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchstatemove_command_t -> struct statemove_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcmd_queue_page_t -> struct cmd_queue_page
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchscan_command_t -> struct scan_command
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchmore vsllink typedef cleanup
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchvsllink_jtag_t -> struct vsllink
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchpresto_t -> struct presto
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchft2232_device_t -> struct ft2232_device
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchjlink_jtag_t -> struct jlink
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcable_t -> struct cable
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchpending_scan_result_t -> struct pending_scan_result
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welcharmjtagew_jtag_t -> struct armjtagew
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse struct jtag_tap_event_action
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchjtag_event_callback_t -> struct jtag_event_callback
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchjtag_interface_t -> struct jtag_interface
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchbitbang_interface_t -> struct bitbang_interface
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchbitq_interface_t -> struct biq_interface
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchencapsulate bitq_state structure
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchscan_field_t -> struct scan_field
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchjtag_tap_t -> struct jtag_tap
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchfileio_t -> struct fileio
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchlog_callback_t -> struct log_callback
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchremove accidental artifact
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd documention for writing built-in commands
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd src/hello.c to augment new command tutorial
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler_t: make cmd an indirect parameter
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler_t: make args parameter const
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler_t: make cmd parameter const
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler_t: make argc unsigned
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd CMD_NAME macro for command handlers
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse CALL_COMMAND_HANDLER instead of direct calls
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd PLD_DEVICE_COMMAND_HANDLER macro
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchnand: add NAND_DEVICE_COMMAND_HANDLER macro
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse FLASH_BANK_COMMAND_HANDLER macro
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd FLASH_BANK_COMMAND_HANDLER macro
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchs3c24xx: use COMMAND_HANDLER with command helper
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welcharm_adi,armv7[am]: use COMMAND_HELPER for helpers
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_HELPER for command helper functions
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_HANDLER macro to define all commands
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd command_handler_t type
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd COMMAND_HANDLER and COMMAND_HELPER macros
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd command_output_handler_t
2009-11-13 David BrownellCortex-A8: fix indent
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchnand: rename device to nand
2009-11-13 David BrownellETM: start support for ETMv2+
2009-11-12 Liam RedmondWinXP-x64: find right D2XX libraries
2009-11-12 Jonas Horbergparport: add support for the jtag_khz command.
2009-11-12 David BrownellETM: remove old mid-level ETM handle
2009-11-12 David BrownellETM: use new toplevel ETM handle
2009-11-12 David BrownellETM: update port drivers
2009-11-12 David BrownellETM: update arm[79]tdmi_examine()
2009-11-12 David BrownellARM: start generalized base type
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchfix 'jtag interface' behavior
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchimprove command registration
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchadd help regardless of callback
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welcheliminate duplicate helptext management
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchadd command_name helper
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchwrap help command
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchremove obsolete doxygen comments
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchremove more useless declarations
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchcortex_a8: remove declarations, use static keyword
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchadd const keyword to some APIs
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchchange argv to args in command handlers
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchscript_debug(): improve types
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchcommand.c: make private routines static
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchlog: improve log_callback_fn signature
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchtime_support: improve use of types
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchmakefiles: improve build order
2009-11-11 David BrownellETM cleanup
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchfix bug in ARM720: bugfix
2009-11-11 David BrownellARM720: bugfix
2009-11-10 David Brownelltarget: MMU-aware init for memory read/write
2009-11-10 David Brownelltarget.cfg: (re)move some bogus reset_config lines
2009-11-10 Thomas Kindlerstm32.cfg: remove reset_config
2009-11-10 Michael Bruckarm11: add etmr/etmw registers to access ETM via DBGTAP...
2009-11-10 Øyvind HarboeARM11: remove old mrc/mcr commands
2009-11-10 Øyvind Harboetelo.cfg: fix search paths
2009-11-10 David BrownellTarget: minor cleanup
2009-11-10 David BrownellARM920: implement basic MMU ops
2009-11-10 David BrownellARM720: implement basic MMU ops
2009-11-10 David BrownellTarget: fix bad error messages
2009-11-10 Øyvind Harboehttpd: fix warnings, more robust error handling, improv...
2009-11-10 Øyvind Harboetcl: HostOs now picks up eCos as well during compile...
2009-11-10 Zachary T Welchsvf,xsvf,arm7_9_common: trim forard declarations
2009-11-10 Zachary T Welchcommand.c: make commands static
2009-11-10 Zachary T Welchserver: remove useless declarations
2009-11-10 Zachary T Welchjtag: remove useless declarations
2009-11-10 Zachary T Welchtarget.c: remove useless declarations
2009-11-10 Zachary T Welch{pic32m,stm32}x.c: remove useless declarations
2009-11-10 Zachary T Welchstr{7,9}x*.c: remove useless forward declarations

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