2008-07-28 oharboeretired reset run_and_init/halt
2008-07-27 oharboeworking notes.
2008-07-26 oharboeadd check for target_read/write_buffer 32 bit wrap.
2008-07-26 ntfreak- merged mips target into svn trunk
2008-07-25 oharboeminimum address and maximum length argument to load_ima...
2008-07-25 oharboeadded yours sincerely for files where I feel that I...
2008-07-24 oharboeOpenOCD commands w/prefix ocd_ now set the primary...
2008-07-24 oharboemore error message cleanup. invalid args & syntax error...
2008-07-24 oharboetake path to eCos files from environment variable
2008-07-24 oharboeretire daemon_startup
2008-07-24 oharboeallow jtag minidriver access to cmd_queue_cur_state...
2008-07-24 oharboeBetter handling of OpenOCD command invocation result...
2008-07-24 oharboewait 500ms for target to halt upon connect.
2008-07-23 ntfreak- comment about dummy ack '+' char from gdb
2008-07-23 ntfreak- fix typo in jtag_add_end_state
2008-07-23 ntfreak- fix typo
2008-07-23 oharboefix <memory> is missing upon gdb connect warning when...
2008-07-23 oharboehandle end of line comments to improve compatibility...
2008-07-23 ntfreak- more fixes to high density stm32x flash driver
2008-07-22 ntfreak- fix bug with stm32 high density write protection
2008-07-22 ntfreak- add missing quotes from CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD
2008-07-22 oharboeSpen: startup.tcl cross compile support
2008-07-22 oharboeOnly print out gobs of information to log when -d3...
2008-07-22 oharboevery slightly improved error message for not being...
2008-07-21 oharboerestart is a per-target action
2008-07-21 oharboeAllows config scripts to override handling of 'R'(resta...
2008-07-21 oharboejim license cleanup
2008-07-21 oharboeupdate jtag_speed/khz docs a bit.
2008-07-21 oharboe- jtag_khz/speed are now single parameter only. These...
2008-07-21 oharboecross compile fix
2008-07-21 oharboeuse reset init explicitly before "load".
2008-07-21 oharboeDuane Ellis <> stm32 peripherals...
2008-07-21 oharboeMichael Kurz <> MX29LV800B...
2008-07-20 oharboeBUG: prefix to timeout for gdb keep alive packets.
2008-07-20 ntfreak- added svn props for newly added files
2008-07-20 oharboeDuane Ellis <> - script commands...
2008-07-20 oharboeBen Bodley <> non-CFI compliant flash...
2008-07-20 oharboeDuane Ellis <>
2008-07-20 fix naming confusion. Use ocd_...
2008-07-19 oharboethrow exception upon syntax error.
2008-07-19 ntfreak- updated texi for removed daemon_startup command
2008-07-19 oharboeclarify error message w.r.t. not being able to set...
2008-07-19 oharboedaemon_startup is now retired in favour of adding ...
2008-07-18 oharboeThis allows overriding builtin openocd commands.
2008-07-18 oharboeremove obsolete reset_mode
2008-07-18 oharboe"reset" without arguments now execute a "reset run".
2008-07-18 ntfreak- remove build warning from keep_alive
2008-07-18 ntfreak- fix incorrectly registered function openocd_array2mem
2008-07-18 oharboeresume is now asynchronous
2008-07-18 oharboekeep_alive() fix for reset warnings.
2008-07-18 oharboe1. GDB will print cryptic error messages if it is not...
2008-07-18 oharboeDuane Ellis <> more interface...
2008-07-18 oharboeCharles Hardin <> move tcl stuff...
2008-07-18 oharboeadded missing "reset+load" sequence.
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin <> move jim into...
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin ckhardin at Instead of stash...
2008-07-17 oharboeCollect output from openocd commands into openocd_outpu...
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin ckhardin at
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin <> and √ėyvind Harboe
2008-07-17 ntfreak- reverted resume_target to old behaviour
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin ckhardin at bin2char does...
2008-07-16 oharboeFixes to \ and / handling for OpenOCD
2008-07-16 oharboeflash_banks now follow OpenOCD scripting API rules
2008-07-16 oharboeprint out jim error message stack trace in expected...
2008-07-16 oharboedo not print jim tcl error message trace for ERROR_COMM...
2008-07-16 oharboeprint syntax for command upon syntax error.
2008-07-16 oharboebetter error messages for target event scripts.
2008-07-15 oharboefeeble beginnings for tcl api rules.
2008-07-15 ntfreak- stm32 flash driver correctly handles early silicon
2008-07-14 oharboeCharles Hardin <>
2008-07-13 ntfreak- remove unused objcopy from
2008-07-13 ntfreak- added svn props for newly added files
2008-07-13 oharboeCharles Hardin <> - hopefully final...
2008-07-13 oharboeDuane Ellis <> fix to tcl puts
2008-07-12 ntfreak- fix issue when building in separate build dir
2008-07-12 ntfreak- remove requirement for file2c.tcl
2008-07-12 oharboetesting/*.tcl sample & test code
2008-07-12 oharboetesting/*.tcl sample & test code
2008-07-11 oharboehelp is now implemented in startup.tcl/help
2008-07-11 ntfreak- configure check added for tclsh
2008-07-11 oharboesearch help text too
2008-07-11 oharboeCharles Hardin ckhardin at
2008-07-11 oharboetcl_help prettier output.
2008-07-11 oharboework in progress to improve help
2008-07-11 oharboe- retired variable stuff.
2008-07-11 oharboe.cfg files are now executed as Jim Tcl. Commands that...
2008-07-11 ntfreak- added svn props for newly added files
2008-07-11 oharboeworking notes.
2008-07-11 oharboestartup.tcl (former commands.tcl) is now embedded into...
2008-07-10 oharboeCharles Hardin <>
2008-07-10 oharboe- added search paths before running tcl/commands.tcl.
2008-07-10 oharboefix quoting problem when handling OpenOCD commands.
2008-07-10 oharboeSEGFAULT fix for syntax error.
2008-07-10 oharboevery slight cleanup of flash banks handling.
2008-07-09 oharboeimprove error messages a little bit.
2008-07-09 ntfreak- adding missing install entry for luminary-libftdi.cfg
2008-07-09 oharboe"flash banks" is now implemented in Tcl on top of ...
2008-07-09 ntfreak- added luminary libftdi interface config
2008-07-09 ntfreak- only check normal resume, not debug resume
2008-07-09 oharboeadded flash_banks low level command.

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