log_callback_t -> struct log_callback
[openocd.git] / src / helper / log.c
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchlog_callback_t -> struct log_callback
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_HANDLER macro to define all commands
2009-11-06 Zachary T WelchImprove debug_level command argument parsing.
2009-09-25 oharboeTry/catch scheme. Typed up the functionality and regres...
2009-07-17 oharboeAndreas Fritiofson <andreas.fritiofson@gmail.com> UTF8...
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '[<>]' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '+' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '[+]=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '!=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Replace 'if(' with 'if ('.
2009-06-21 ntfreak- fix break caused by r2208 when using --pipe option
2009-06-12 zwelchSimplify and improve handle_debug_level_comamnd:
2009-05-27 kc8apfAuthor: Nicolas Pitre <nico@cam.org>
2009-05-11 zwelchMark API layering violations in the helper module with...
2009-05-11 zwelchAudit and eliminate redundant helper #include directives.
2009-05-11 zwelchAdd --enable-malloc-logging configure option and update...
2009-05-05 oharboemade warning about keep_alive() not being invoked more...
2009-03-17 ntfreak- remove build warnings
2008-12-19 oharboeDick Hollenbeck <dick@softplc.com> better logging
2008-12-15 ntfreak- add ability for openocd to communicate to gdb using...
2008-12-13 ntfreak- remove target specific variant and use target->varian...
2008-10-16 oharboesleep command now prints out target debugmsgs w/anythin...
2008-10-09 oharboeadded busy sleep (for testing purposes)
2008-09-20 ntfreak- added myself to copyright on files i remember adding...
2008-09-12 oharboe- Fixed regression introduced in 890 when "fixing warni...
2008-09-08 oharboekeep_alive now invokes target_call_timer_callbacks_now
2008-08-19 oharboeadded alive_sleep() function to let GDB alive packets...
2008-08-13 oharboeavoid empty lines in log as a keep_alive() sideffect
2008-08-07 oharboeDavid Kuehling <dvdkhlng@gmx.de> - added jim-eventloop.c
2008-07-25 oharboeadded yours sincerely for files where I feel that I...
2008-07-22 oharboeOnly print out gobs of information to log when -d3...
2008-07-20 oharboeBUG: prefix to timeout for gdb keep alive packets.
2008-07-18 ntfreak- remove build warning from keep_alive
2008-07-18 oharboe1. GDB will print cryptic error messages if it is not...
2008-05-09 oharboeprinting available memory fails on win + mac. Disable...
2008-05-08 oharboedisable code that prints available mem under windows...
2008-05-07 oharboeprint available memory in log_level 3
2008-04-09 oharboeDon Porges fixed c99 issues.
2008-03-25 ntfreak- rename log functions to stop conflicts under win32...
2008-03-13 oharboeMichael Bruck: fixed warnings
2008-03-13 oharboeprint ms in debug_level 3 logs. Seconds is not enough.
2008-03-07 oharboealloc_printf and alloc_vprintf
2008-03-06 oharboePavel Chromy: va_copy should always be paired with...
2008-03-06 oharboePavel Chromy: faster alloc_printf()
2008-03-06 oharboeMichael Bruck: 64 bit va_list fix for crash
2008-03-04 oharboeFixed GDB timeout crash - regression introduced back...
2008-02-29 oharboeformatting fixes from Pavel Chromy
2008-02-29 oharboe- clean up target output strings a bit
2008-02-29 oharboedo not write single chars to log file.
2008-02-29 oharboeSummary: passing of variable argument list reduced...
2008-02-28 oharboePavel Chromy spotted a leak
2008-02-28 oharboesmall line ending cleanup.
2008-02-28 ntfreak- added svn props
2008-02-28 oharboe- Added TARGET_REQ_DEBUGCHAR target_request debugmsg...
2008-02-25 ntfreak- remove build warnings
2008-02-25 drath- convert all files to unix line-ending
2008-02-25 oharboePavel Chromy
2008-02-24 oharboedebug_level 3 now prints seconds since start of openocd
2008-02-24 oharboecosmetic fixes to debug output + phasing out printf...
2008-02-22 mifi- added patch to remove count and time information...
2008-02-18 ntfreak- Added a "User:" debug level. These are messages that...
2008-02-17 ntfreak- combine similar functions in telnet_server.c
2008-02-16 ntfreak- cleanup and remove time() warning
2008-02-14 mifi- added patch to stop DEBUG messages to be forwarded...
2008-02-13 mifi- added patch to Improving progress/error output for...
2006-07-17 drath- Added support for native MinGW builds (thanks to...
2006-06-02 drath- prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/

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