2008-10-22 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - more help text
2008-10-22 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - more help text
2008-10-22 oharboeversion number keyword expansion handling
2008-10-22 oharboefix warnings when building for eCos
2008-10-21 oharboeremove duplicate target
2008-10-17 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - document various commands.
2008-10-17 ntfreak- add link in texi docs
2008-10-17 oharboetry to get struct timezone def right w.r.t. config...
2008-10-17 ntfreak- remove texi warnings
2008-10-16 ntfreak- update docs deprecated section to include links to...
2008-10-16 oharboesleep command now prints out target debugmsgs w/anythin...
2008-10-16 oharboefix error handling in flash fill
2008-10-16 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - integrated new tcl target command...
2008-10-16 oharboeadded help on production proc's
2008-10-16 oharboeadding concept of production script
2008-10-16 oharboeremoved autoerase from flash fillX
2008-10-16 oharboeadded capture command to capture log output. Useful...
2008-10-16 oharboemore robust error reporting for DCC
2008-10-16 oharboeunsik Kim <> - mflash support
2008-10-15 ntfreak- make docs more readable
2008-10-15 ntfreak- fix tcl_port typo in docs
2008-10-15 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - memory read/write and exit() error...
2008-10-15 oharboe김운식 <> spotted a bug in target_write_u8
2008-10-14 ntfreak- remove build warnings
2008-10-14 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - fix error handling
2008-10-14 oharboefixed a few crashes in syntax handling
2008-10-14 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - more error handling fixes
2008-10-14 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu - add error handling
2008-10-14 oharboeclarified jtag_ntrst_delay option
2008-10-14 oharboetip on checking with supplier for binaries
2008-10-14 oharboetesting of syntax error in reset and at startup
2008-10-14 oharboereset cleanup. Remove obsolete events that are not...
2008-10-14 oharboeadded warning to use GDB 6.7 or newer
2008-10-14 oharboeBen Bodley TEKNIQUE <> - support for...
2008-10-14 oharboeJohn McCarthy <> two patches add a mips_m...
2008-10-14 oharboeJohn McCarthy <> cleans up the usage...
2008-10-14 oharboereset cleanup
2008-10-13 oharboeRetired old reset code according to plan.
2008-10-13 oharboeSEGFAULT gaffe in dummy register handling
2008-10-13 oharboehontor <> - ARMV7_GDB_HACKS compilation...
2008-10-13 oharboefix crash when connecting GDB to powered down target
2008-10-13 oharboefix crash when connecting GDB to powered down target
2008-10-13 oharboeFixed gaffes in reset script handling + improved error
2008-10-13 oharboeLaurentiu Cocanu <> - Added...
2008-10-12 oharboe Fix problems with DCC downloads routine crashing silently.
2008-10-11 oharboeDuane Ellis: addresses protocol problems with GDB.
2008-10-10 oharboeJohn McCarthy <> openocd-usb.cfg added
2008-10-09 oharboeabort writing algorithm to target upon failure
2008-10-09 oharboeenumeration of threads for testing purposes.
2008-10-09 oharboezy1000 1.44 snapshot
2008-10-09 oharboeadded busy sleep (for testing purposes)
2008-10-08 ntfreak- remove build warnings from mips_m4k.c and arm11.c
2008-10-08 oharboeRichard Missenden exit now works during startup script
2008-10-08 oharboefile not found SEGFAULT fix
2008-10-08 oharboeJohn McCarthy <> adds support for DMA...
2008-10-08 oharboeSigned-off-by: Frederik Kriewitz <frederik@kriewitz...
2008-10-07 oharboereduce patch problems by moving $xxx expansion into...
2008-10-07 oharboeFixes SEGFAULT when setting registers from GDB.
2008-10-07 oharboeFrederik Kriewitz <frederik at> Segmentatio...
2008-10-07 oharboefixed crash in dummy register handling
2008-10-07 oharboeGeorg Acher <> - arm11 wip. run algorith...
2008-10-06 ntfreak- remove build warnings
2008-10-06 oharboebasic smoketest on lm3s3748.elf
2008-10-06 oharboeCentralize error handling for buggy register handling
2008-10-06 oharboebetter keep_alive() handling
2008-10-06 oharboeGeorg Acher <> implements the buffer...
2008-10-05 oharboeGeorg Acher <> corrected TDO sampling
2008-10-04 oharboetimeout is now 1000ms instead of trying 100 times.
2008-10-03 oharboeGDB alive fixes for verify_image
2008-10-01 oharboeDuane Ellis: added missing invocation of reset-init
2008-10-01 oharboefixed gaffe: disable interrupts reset init script
2008-10-01 oharboefixed gaffe: disable interrupts reset init script
2008-09-29 ntfreak- at91sam7.c remove build warnings
2008-09-27 ntfreak- convert spaces to tabs in at91sam7.[ch]
2008-09-26 oharboe I do not know why this is necessary, but it fixes...
2008-09-26 oharboeGheorghe Guran <> redone at91sam7...
2008-09-26 oharboewip
2008-09-25 oharboeZY1000 code
2008-09-25 ntfreak- update docs for aduc702x flash driver
2008-09-24 ntfreak- renamed x7926 driver to aduc702x to match other flash...
2008-09-24 oharboefix noise in gdb console when single stepping. Remove...
2008-09-24 oharboefixed false positives for keep_alive() not being invoked.
2008-09-24 oharboe "marcel" <>,
2008-09-22 ntfreak- fix typo's
2008-09-21 oharboeRemoved some obsolete stuff + Pushing things in the...
2008-09-21 oharboeopenocd.texi is the authortative source of OpenOCD...
2008-09-21 oharboeput instructions on how to report bugs onto the users...
2008-09-20 ntfreak- added myself to copyright on files i remember adding...
2008-09-12 oharboefollow up to keep_alive() fix. process target events...
2008-09-12 oharboe- Fixed regression introduced in 890 when "fixing warni...
2008-09-12 oharboeDuane Ellis: target_process_reset is now implemented...
2008-09-08 oharboefixed keep_alive fix gaffe introduce in previous commit.
2008-09-08 oharboetypo fixed.
2008-09-08 oharboekeep_alive now invokes target_call_timer_callbacks_now
2008-09-08 oharboeDuane Ellis, added clock command.
2008-09-05 oharboeworkaround and comment for problems identified by Micha...
2008-09-04 oharboes3c2440 OpenMoko target script
2008-09-01 oharboeDuane Ellis has made highly non-trivial changes to...
2008-09-01 oharboeRemoved target->reset_mode, no longer used
2008-09-01 oharboeDuane Ellis: "target as an [tcl] object" feature.

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