- fix typo in openocd.texi
[openocd.git] / doc / openocd.texi
2008-04-23 ntfreak- fix typo in openocd.texi
2008-04-23 oharboefixed doc for GDB memory map and flash program defaults...
2008-04-23 oharboeadded fast option.
2008-04-20 ntfreak- update docs for flash write_image command
2008-04-14 oharboemoved out stuff that wasn't already moved from openocd...
2008-04-14 oharboeAdded a few tweaks while playing with texi.
2008-04-05 ntfreak- added note to docs about gdb 6.8 and memory map support
2008-03-22 ntfreak- updated docs with new commands/features
2008-03-13 oharboereset and post reset speed & jtag_khz command documented.
2008-02-29 ntfreak- update openocd.texi to fdl 1.2
2008-02-28 oharboenumerous fixes from Uwe Hermann
2008-02-28 ntfreak- fix line-endings
2008-02-28 oharboeUwe Hermann Add @dircategory and @direntry to the info...
2008-02-27 ntfreak- correct line endings from previous commit
2008-02-27 oharboeNicolas Pitre listed some more devices.
2008-02-19 ntfreak- add search paths via new arg -s (-search). Thanks...
2008-02-10 ntfreak- add autoprobe support to the stm32 flash driver
2008-02-09 ntfreak- added synchronous wait/resume patch. Thanks Øyvind...
2008-01-21 ntfreak- updated docs for cfi command, added missing ft2232_la...
2007-12-29 ntfreak- minimum autoconf 2.59 is now required and verified...
2007-12-21 mifi- corrected working_area of LPC2129 script
2007-12-20 ntfreak- removed flash write_image - binary compare function...
2007-12-18 mifi- added patch for new flash functionality like:
2007-11-23 ntfreak- added support for Hitex STM32 Performance Stick
2007-11-21 ntfreak- reset_run now works as expected on cortex-m3

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