- jtag_khz/speed are now single parameter only. These are used
[openocd.git] / src / target / Makefile.am
2008-07-21 oharboe- jtag_khz/speed are now single parameter only. These...
2008-07-18 oharboeDuane Ellis <openocd@duaneellis.com> more interface...
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> and Øyvind Harboe
2008-07-09 ntfreak- adding missing install entry for luminary-libftdi.cfg
2008-07-04 ntfreak- added event scripts for str73x and str75x targets
2008-07-04 oharboetcl config script example
2008-07-04 oharboeValentin Longchamp target script for mx31.cfg
2008-06-27 oharboeDavid Anders more target lib scripts contributed by
2008-06-16 ntfreak- added missing install entries for eir-sam7se512 target
2008-05-16 mifi- added arm-usb-ocd.cfg and signalyzer.cfg to the interface
2008-05-14 ntfreak- added jlink support, based on Jürgen Stuber patch
2008-05-12 ntfreak- restored tabs and formatting
2008-05-11 mifi- added patch from uwe hermann, thanks for the hint.
2008-05-06 oharboeThe target library is now the authorotative source...
2008-04-30 oharboelpc2148 fixes from Edgar Grimberg
2008-04-23 oharboeTim Hudson contributed at91sam9260 target config files...
2008-04-21 ntfreak- added stm32 stick and luminary eval boards interface...
2008-04-16 oharboeEdgar Grimberg added some missing scripts from the...
2008-04-14 ntfreak- added new and missing target scripts - stm32stick...
2008-04-14 oharboemoved out stuff that wasn't already moved from openocd...
2008-04-09 oharboetarget lib wip
2008-04-08 oharboelm3s6965.cfg contributed by Edwin Olson
2008-04-04 oharboe- reverted some of the changes that possibly broke...
2008-03-10 oharboemore target scripts wip.
2008-03-10 oharboeadded stm32.cfg to install list
2008-03-08 ntfreak- added more TARGET_HALTED checks for the read/write_me...
2008-03-07 oharboeminor corrections for target scripts.
2008-03-03 oharboeadded at91sam9260.cfg, nslu2.cfg, pxa255.cfg, pxa255_ss...
2008-03-01 oharboetarget scripts for test suite.
2008-02-29 oharboeMichael Bruck:
2008-02-28 ntfreak- added svn props
2008-02-24 oharboe- added -c option that will execute an openocd command
2008-02-21 vpalatin- add support for Marvell Feroceon (thanks to Nicolas...
2008-01-17 drath- fixed 'make distcheck' (thanks to Theodore A. Roth...
2007-12-10 bodylove- XScale DebugHandler code is now installed into
2007-08-10 drath- renamed M5960 USB JTAG to "flyswatter"
2007-07-31 drath- calculate cycles since last executed instruction...
2007-07-15 drath- added support for Asix Presto JTAG interface (thanks...
2007-06-14 drath- merged support for Cortex-M3 from cortex-m3 branch...
2007-05-29 drath- split fileio handling into fileio part and image...
2007-03-28 drath- merged XScale branch back into trunk
2007-03-26 drath- fixed arm926 cp15 command bug (thanks to Vincent...
2007-01-25 drath- Added support for ARM926EJ-S based cores
2006-08-06 drath- fixed a minor problem with the GDB server that could...
2006-06-12 drath- the 'help' command now takes an optional argument...
2006-06-02 drath- prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/

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