improve command handling examples
[openocd.git] / src / openocd.c
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchimprove command handling examples
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchhttpd: use register_commands()
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchopenocd: use register_commands()
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_REGISTER macro
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchrefactor command registration
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchpass startup_tcl to command_init
2009-11-17 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler: change 'cmd_ctx' to CMD_CTX
2009-11-17 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler: change to 'argc' to CMD_ARGC
2009-11-16 David Brownell#include "target.h" less wildly
2009-11-16 David Brownelltarget: less implicit inclusion of "command.h"
2009-11-14 David Brownellremove annoying $URL$ startup message
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_context_t -> struct command_context
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchtarget_t -> struct target
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchadd src/hello.c to augment new command tutorial
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_HANDLER macro to define all commands
2009-10-08 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-08 dbrownellChange most in-tree references from SVN to GIT.
2009-10-07 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-07 dbrownellChange version labels to work better with GIT
2009-07-17 oharboeAndreas Fritiofson <> UTF8...
2009-06-30 zwelchMake bug reporting output at program start-ups use...
2009-06-23 zwelchRemove whitespace that occurs before ')'.
2009-06-23 zwelchRemove whitespace that occurs after '('.
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '!=' whitespace
2009-05-30 zwelchEncapsulate the global "jtag" jtag_interface pointer:
2009-05-11 zwelchAudit and eliminate redundant #include directives in...
2009-05-11 zwelchRemove redundant sys/types.h #include directives (now...
2009-05-10 zwelchReverse revision 1691: all of its functionality has...
2009-05-10 zwelchRevive tclapi.c from r1650:
2009-05-03 oharboefix embedded builds
2009-05-02 oharboeDick Hollenbeck <> moved stuff into...
2009-05-01 zwelchAdd static keywords to main application helper functions.
2009-05-01 zwelchDick Hollenbeck <>: move OPENOCD_VERSIO...
2009-01-20 kc8apfFixes for handling release versions
2009-01-19 ntfreak- remove unused includes, fixes build issues under...
2009-01-19 kc8apfSVF player courtesy of Simon Qian <simonqian@SimonQian...
2009-01-09 oharboemoved ioutil init to the right spot: before config...
2008-12-17 oharboecheck syntax for init/version
2008-12-16 oharboework in progress to hook up libmicrohttpd + tcl integration
2008-12-15 oharboesync up to tap_xxx rename + add with-ioutil for standal...
2008-12-13 ntfreak- remove target specific variant and use target->varian...
2008-11-05 oharboefix telnet async messages. retired telnet_async command...
2008-10-16 oharboeunsik Kim <> - mflash support
2008-10-15 ntfreak- fix tcl_port typo in docs
2008-10-08 oharboeRichard Missenden exit now works during startup script
2008-10-07 oharboereduce patch problems by moving $xxx expansion into...
2008-09-24 ntfreak- renamed x7926 driver to aduc702x to match other flash...
2008-09-21 oharboeput instructions on how to report bugs onto the users...
2008-08-06 ntfreak- fix target_examine declaration
2008-08-05 oharboeGDB monitor commands now also get halted state upon...
2008-07-24 oharboeBetter handling of OpenOCD command invocation result...
2008-07-19 oharboedaemon_startup is now retired in favour of adding ...
2008-07-18 oharboeCharles Hardin <> move tcl stuff...
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin ckhardin at Instead of stash...
2008-07-17 oharboeCollect output from openocd commands into openocd_outpu...
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin ckhardin at
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin <> and √ėyvind Harboe
2008-07-16 oharboeFixes to \ and / handling for OpenOCD
2008-07-16 oharboedo not print jim tcl error message trace for ERROR_COMM...
2008-07-16 oharboebetter error messages for target event scripts.
2008-07-14 oharboeCharles Hardin <>
2008-07-13 ntfreak- remove unused objcopy from
2008-07-13 oharboeCharles Hardin <> - hopefully final...
2008-07-13 oharboeDuane Ellis <> fix to tcl puts
2008-07-12 ntfreak- remove requirement for file2c.tcl
2008-07-11 oharboework in progress to improve help
2008-07-11 oharboe- retired variable stuff.
2008-07-11 oharboestartup.tcl (former commands.tcl) is now embedded into...
2008-07-10 oharboeCharles Hardin <>
2008-07-10 oharboe- added search paths before running tcl/commands.tcl.
2008-07-10 oharboeSEGFAULT fix for syntax error.
2008-07-09 oharboeimprove error messages a little bit.
2008-07-09 oharboe"flash banks" is now implemented in Tcl on top of ...
2008-07-08 oharboetcl regression fixes.
2008-07-08 ntfreak- apply correct formatting to openocd.c
2008-07-07 oharboemore tcl cleanup.
2008-07-07 oharboeadded pre/postlude fn's for when OpenOCD is sleeping.
2008-07-06 ntfreak- fixed build issues with win32
2008-07-06 oharboemoving Tcl stuff around slightly.
2008-07-06 oharboefix a few compilation problems.
2008-07-06 oharboeCharles Hardin <> - Tcl Server
2008-07-06 oharboesrc/helper/configuration.h
2008-07-04 oharboeadded echo command in tcl. Issues a LOG_USER() for...
2008-07-04 oharboetcl config script example
2008-07-04 oharboeJim Tcl support added
2008-06-27 oharboehooks to enable experimentation with scripting language...
2008-05-07 oharboeEdgar Grimberg plugged a leak found w/Valgrind.
2008-04-13 oharboeallows launching OpenOCD w/telnet+gdb server w/the
2008-04-11 oharboeadded target->type->examine(). Eventually this will...
2008-04-09 oharboe- added "init" command. "init" and "reset" at end of...
2008-04-06 oharboeavoid patch trouble by isolating troublesome line...
2008-03-26 oharboehooks for multithreading. Disable nagle
2008-03-25 ntfreak- rename log functions to stop conflicts under win32...
2008-03-01 mifi- removed warnings "xxxxx" might be used uninitialized...
2008-02-29 oharboePavel Chromy: add missing newlines.
2008-02-29 oharboelingering patch from Pavel Chromy.
2008-02-25 drath- convert all files to unix line-ending
2008-02-25 oharboePavel Chromy
2008-02-23 mifi- added a test document as a starting point

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